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Theory on how Widmore found Flocke....
Apr 20 2010, 8:34 PM EDT | Post edited: Apr 20 2010, 8:34 PM EDT
After the show tonight I instantly started thinking... how did Widmore know where Flocke was? OK, here is what I think...

Widmore somehow knows what was going to happen when Zoe gave Flocke the radio. Widmore duped Sawyer into being his pawn. Promising him safe passage to him and all the people on his boat when they returned to Hydra Island... but somehow he knew that Sawyer was going to double cross him (maybe in a parallel timeline he saw it???? So here is the events in order that I think took place:

1. Sawyer makes a deal with Widmore to get Flocke back on the island.
2. Widmore knew ahead of time that Sawyer would inevitably double cross him.
3. Widmore told Sawyer that when the time was right, he would send Zoe in with that walkie to demonstrate how he Widmore could pinpoint his location and send a rocket of sorts to destroy him (does this remind anyone of how Faraday was waiting for the shot from the frigate when he first arrived on the island?)
4. Widmore knew Flocke would destroy the walkie...
5. The walkie wasnt what was being pinpointed... rather a part inside the radio...
6. Sawyer grabs this piece after Flocke destroys it.
7. Fast Forward... they are on the boat heading back to Hydra...
8. Sawyer tells Jack to get off his boat... but not before....
9. Placing this component on Jack's person...
10. Thus, as soon as Jack got back to the island, Widmore knew Flocke would be there...
11. Sawyer, et al had served their purpose... Widmore double crosses Sawyer
12. Widmore fires on Jack's location knowing Flocke would be there.

OK, now there are a lot of why questions in this theory to just why all of this would happen.... still noodling that one... but thought I would start a thread to get other ideas...

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1. RE: Theory on how Widmore found Flocke....
Apr 21 2010, 11:05 PM EDT | Post edited: Apr 21 2010, 11:05 PM EDT
From what your saying, seems like Widmore knows more that Flocke and I agree. Flocke didn't even know that Sayid was lying about killing Desmond...or maybe he did and will deal with sayid later, Idk. Seems like every move Widmore makes, his plans always works. Remember he's been on the island a long time and he might know more than Flocke. Maybe so.

By the way, I hated when the MIB/Flocke called the real Locke a sucker. I hope in the end the MIB turns out to be the real sucker.

Did you notice when Widmore fired at them, Flocke just stood there, he didn't run like everyone else. Afterwoods he ran to get Jack but it looked to me that he knew he could not be harmed. To me, only electromagnet activity can destroy him which is what the sonic fences are for, to keep the MIB or smokey out and that's why he needed to get rid of Desmond because he is the only one who survived an electromagnet catastrophy and Flocke knows this and considers Desmond a threat.
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