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The Actor: Matthew Fox - The Hatch

Matthew Fox
(Jack Shephard)


Nickname: Foxy

Born: July 14, 1966

Background: As a youth, Matthew Fox grew up in various parts of the country. Matthew's parents raised longhorn cattle and horses and grew barley for Coors beer in Crowheart, Wyoming.
He attended Wind River high school and did post-gradute high school study at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. Fox subsquently attended Columbia University where he played football and majored in Economics with the intent to end up on Wall Street. His girlfriend's mother was a modelling agent who convinced him to try some modelling which led to a couple of TV commercials. Soon after he was sold on acting. Matthew then dedicated himself to studying acting for two years at The School For Film and Television in New York City. Fox's claim to fame was the role of Charlie Salinger, the eldest brother, in 'Party of Five'. FozFox has also guest starred in smaller parts for series such as 'Wings'. He married Margherita Ronchi in 1992. They have two children, Kyle and Bryon.
On December 2, 2006, Matthew hosted the NBC sketch comedy show 'Saturday Night Live' with musical guest Tenacious D.

  • Is known as 'Foxy' by fans
  • Matthew Fox has at least three tattoos
  • Is a Philedelphia Eagles fan
  • Is good friends with Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong
  • In 'We Are Marshal' William 'Red' Dawson (Matthew Fox) stands in the gym watching head coach Jack Lengyel (Matthew McConaughey) and University President Donald Dedmon (David Strathaim) repeatingly calling each other Jack and Doc, the two names Jack is called the most on LOST
  • The second episode of his series 'Haunted' bears some striking similarities to LOST themes. It revolves around a 4-piece English rock band, two of whom are brothers who have matching rings, very much like Charlie. A reference to the term redshirt is made, and a charcter mentions that to get to a certain place, Matthew Fox's character needs to 'follow the white rabbit'.

Pre-Lost signature role: Floppy-haired, cancer-stricken eldest brother Charlie on Party of Five.

Facts about Matt: He started living on a Family Ranch with his family. His favorite hobby was horse back riding, which he started learning when he was twelve. He studied acting at the School for Film and TV and at the Atlantic Theatre Company in New York.

Fun fact: The Wyoming transplant was voted “Most Likely to Appear on Hee-Haw” at the Massachusetts prep school he attended.

Quote: On his penchant for skinny dipping: "It's a good bonding experience. I felt that late-night partying and getting people to take their clothes off was a good thing. We've had some dissenters -- some people not wanting to join Foxy's Skinny-Dipping Crew. But I'll get them all."

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