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The Actor: Josh Holloway - - Official LOST wiki

Born: July 20, 1969

Hails from: Free Home, Georgia
NIck Names- He really doesn't have one. Which he gives people on the island a nickname that he has been on for about four years. Take for instance, Kate,Kate, he calls freckles, sunshine, exc..When he is usually around the guys on the island,island, he give's them a name Hoss, Mr. Clean ( Locke)...exc..Locke)...exc..
.The Actor: Josh Halloway - The Hatch
Pre-Lost signature role: Natassja Kinski’s psychotic stalker in the straight-to-video thriller Cold Heart

Early Life: He has four brothers and one sister, which makes him the youngest. He became interested in filming in movies at an early age. It took him to a big opportunity when he got the chance to make it to Hollywood, where he started in Doctor Benny which was a comedy. He also acted in films like Mi- Amigo, Cold Heart,.He also made it in TV's hit series CSI , and Texas Walker before getting the lead role of playing Sawyer on Lost.

Fun fact: Once camped out overnight on the beach set of Lost. If he didn't make it into the Lost cast he was going to give up acting all together and become a Ranger in his home town Georgia (Interview)

On asking the producers not to make Sawyer too likable: “I trust them implicitly, but I don't ever want Sawyer to lose his edge. More edge and a tiny little inkling of humanity — that's where I wanna keep him. (TV Guide)
There's a new Sheriff in Town, you better get use to it...... (Lost)

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