Dharmawantsyou.comDharmawantsyou.com is a website that was launched July 28th 2008, and is connected to the Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project. In an email sent by Octagon Global Recruiting, it said that the site will be a place for volunteers to be assessed who cannot make it to the Comic-Con. It is be also the place for phase two of the assessment for people who managed to take the test at Comic-Con.

The Website opens up with an introduction, with the newly designed Dharma logo appearing. There is a place for Comic-Con volunteers to sign up for phase two, and an assessment test for new people. The test consists of 17 questions, and two parts. The first part shows images, and you must chose an answer which relates to the image. The second part asks you a hypothetical question, in which you choose the best answer for the situation. After the test is over, it will tell you if you pass or fail. If you pass, you will be asked to register.

During the evaluations and assessments, there were three sections to chose from: My Progress, My Profile, and Leader Board. The Progress section keeps track of what tests you have taken and the results of each test, and what group you are placed into. The profile is where your information is held, and where you can download your ID card, which contains your number. The leader board shows the top ten users with the most Dharma Points, and is updated every 24 hours. Dharma Points are earned by recruiting friends or creating Recruitment Created Assessments.

On August 8th, the central logo on the site began to glitch. The words in the center begin to change, and the logo becomes static. The word that appears the longest, "nahnmiieosdite" (there are different variations) is an anagram for "I am on the Inside". On August 12th, The site says "currently conducting security upgrade". On August 15th, the center of the logo said "Volunteer assessment commence 08-19-08". The test started a day late, on the 20th. The second test started one week later, on the 27th. On September 4th, clicking on the central logo on the site would posted by Hans addressing the recent success of the program. The video, like many others, glitch hidden letters and/or messages that can be viewed if the video is paused. Recruitment UpdateOn October 7th, the site assessments became no longer available. Options are limited, and now the three sections are: My Profile, Recruitment Update, and Logout. The Recruitment Update announces that the Dharma Initiative Recruitment Project has been completed, and that the results of the test are currently being analysed. There is a quote by Jean Jacques Rousseau which says "Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet."

Emails: There have been several emails sent from DharmaWantsYou.com by Hans Van Eeghan. A compete list of emails can be found here.

Tests: Besides the Eligibility Test, there was a total of seven tests on the site, each being released in roughly one week apart from each other. There were also Recruit Created Assessments, where participants could create their own tests and share it with other members. On October 7th, 2008, the assessments closed, and people can no longer take tests. The final results, which will be in the Volunteer Assessment Dossier, will be released on December 15th, 2008.


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