3.06 "I Do"

Episode Title: "I Do"

Flashback Character: "Kate"

Episode Number: 3.06 (Overall: #53)

Production Number: 306

Air Date: 11/08/06

Synopsis: (Taken from Abc.go.com)
We open with a flashback -- Kate checks into a hotel room and looks at her wedding veil. A policeman knocks on the door and demands to be let in.Is she going to be arrested? When Kate opens the door, she jumps into his arms -- they're a couple! Kate is marrying a cop. Kate has a moment of doubt, but Kevin assures her it's right and real because he loves her.

On the island, Jack checks Ben's X-Rays and medical file. He tells Ben the tumor will be inoperable in about a week and he needs to be in surgery immediately -- but Jack won't do the surgery. He told Ben this so he would know how he's going to die.

Locke tells Nikki, Paulo, Sayid and Desmond that Eko was killed by an animal. Sayid doesn't believe him. When they're alone, Sayid asks Locke what really killed Eko. Locke says people call it the monster but he doesn't believe in monsters. Locke believes it may be what brought them there and that Eko died for a reason -- he just doesn't know what it is yet.

While Kate and Sawyer are working, a warning sounds -- it's a compound breach.

"Monica" and Kevin

OMG Moments:
  • Ben has a tumor!
  • Kate marries a cop...then drugs him!!

New Clues:

Questions: Why would Kate marry a cop?
A: Because she's in love with him! It may also be part of her desperate struggle to have something "good" and "right", the same complex that leads her to fall for Jack...


The Surreal of I Do:


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The Cost of Living
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Not in Portland

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Anonymous Throwing in the towel on Lost 8 Mar 12 2007, 8:53 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Nov 11 2006, 6:38 AM EST  Watch
I put up with the cliffhangers, I put up with all the convoluted mystery, I put up with not seeing so many of the main characters so far this season. It was annoying, but I did it because I really, really love the show. But you know what? I am not going to hang in there until February. I think it's cruel and arrogant of the producers (or whoever's decision this was) to do that to a loyal fan base. I guess they think they can do whatever they want, and people will still hang around like dumb dogs looking for scraps. I'm not going to do it! I don't like to feel so disrespected when I am putting in my personal time to watch their program. I think there are plenty of other great shows out there where the creators/producers show gratitude to their loyal fans by not making them WAIT THREE MONTHS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON. It's ridiculous, and my family and I have had quite enough of this goose chase.
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Anonymous Lost for 3 months without a new episode 1 Feb 2 2007, 9:07 AM EST by Anonymous
Thread started: Jan 15 2007, 10:10 AM EST  Watch
Hmm. I just read the show went on this 3 month mid-season break 'cuz some viewers said the repeats interrupted their concentration. Uh, I watched the repeats to review and discover clues I hadn't seen before, so I MISS the repeats. I'm planning on watching when it comes back, BUT, it sure seems odd to break for that long..it's not summer for Gosh sakes!
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Anonymous The Producer must be the one who is lost. 0 Jan 15 2007, 2:57 PM EST by Anonymous
Thread started: Jan 15 2007, 2:57 PM EST  Watch
Why is it that you come up with a great show and an outstanding cast and right in the middle of the season we wait three months and to boot your thinking of ending it! We want more of lost we would set through 2 hours of lost. We look forward to seeing it every week but like everything else if you happen to find one you really like they replace it with something stupid. My god look how long Star Treck lasted and the people still love it. Come to the NM Carlsbad Caverns or Carlsbad Waste Isolation Pilot plant and film, you can get lost in one of our Potash Mines.
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