3.05 "The Cost Of Living"

Episode Title: "The Cost of Living"

Flashback Character: "Mr. Eko"

Episode Number: 3.05 (Overall: #52)

Production Number: 305

Air Date: 11/01/06

3.05 "The Cost Of Living" - ABC.com - Official LOST wikiSynopsis:
The episode begins with a flashback from Mr. Eko's childhood: he is stealing from the church to get some food for his brother Yemi, but he is caught in the act by a nun. She immediately takes him into the church so Eko can make his confession for the sin of theft, though Eko believes that he was only stealing so he could get some food for his brother, but the woman persists. Eko appears to have trouble with this.

It fades back to Eko, who appears to be in a comatose state, as Sayid, who has returned from the two-day trip to the other side of the island, is checking on him. As he and Charlie are leaving, Eko is snapped out of his trance when his brother Yemi appears to him, telling him that it is time for Eko to confess his sins. Meanwhile, as Sayid and Charlie are walking away, the hut that Eko is in has now seemingly caught on fire, and Sayid races to put it out as Charlie pulls Eko out of the fire. Once the fire is put out, they are surprised to find that Eko is gone.

Meanwhile, Jack is invited by Ben to attend a memorial service being held for Colleen, the woman Jack could not save. Jack takes this opportunity to talk to Ben about his spinal tumor, having figured out that it is him from his X-rays. He asks him if he has had any symptoms, but Ben says that he does not know what he is talking about. As the procession continues, Ben asks Juliet, who has also attended the funeral, why she told Jack about his x-rays. She replies that she did show him the x-rays, but she never told him that they were Ben's.

Back at the camp Locke and Desmond discuss how they will rescue Jack, Kate and Sawyer, when Desmond reveals to them that the hatch could not only be used for simply pushing the button, it could also be used for communication, and that they can use it to make contact with the Others. Sayid points out that the hatch exploded, and Locke suggests that they go to the other station, The Pearl, and see if they can get it to work there. When Sayid mentions that Eko has disappeared, Locke asks if he said anything before he disappeared, and Charlie says that Eko was mumbling something about his brother. Locke immediately figures out that Eko is going back to the plane where his brother's body was left, right on top of The Pearl, and that they are all going to the same place. Locke asks if anybody else would like to join them on the mission, which introduces two new characters, Nikki and Paulo.

As Eko is struggling to find his way through the jungle, he faints and tries to stand up. It flashes back to Eko, who has just been driven back to the village by soldiers after the incident at the plane. He walks into the church, taking a moment to stare at the crucifix and then walking over to the confession box, where he picks up a Bible, containing a picture of him and Yemi as kids. As he is looking at it, a woman and a young boy walk into the church looking for Father Yemi. Eko tells them that he has been called away and that he will be taking his place. It goes back to Eko, and as he is getting up we can see the smoke monster whisking by him. As he turns to see he is faced with several men standing around him, bloodied and beaten asking him not to kill them. As he goes to strike one of them, it turns into a small boy, the one who was asking about Yemi before, and Eko stops himself. Eko becomes frightened and confused, and his hallucinations vanish.

The group led by Locke catches up with Eko, just after the monster appears behind Eko once again and then vanishes into the forest, and they go to the Pearl together. Once they get there, Locke asks Eko about what he saw, saying that he had seen it as well, that to him it looked like a beautiful bright light, Eko replies that was not what he saw at all. There, Eko climbs into the ruined plane where Yemi's body was, but it is no longer there. Eko remains sitting outside while Locke and the others climb into the hatch. Inside the hatch, Sayid tickers with the communication lines with little success. Nikki then notices the sheer number of monitors in the hatch, and sugests they use those to pick up a visual image. Sayid tries this, and on the second attempt, establishes a live video feed of what appears to be another hatch. The camera slowly pans right, revealing a man with an eyepatch staring directly into the camera, which he then either destroys or turns off.

Meanwhile, outside The Pearl, Yemi appears once more, and leads Eko into an opening in the jungle. Yemi tells Eko it is time for him to confess his sins, but Eko says he did not choose the life he was given and that he is not sorry for the things he has done, saying that he did his best with what was given to him. Yemi is angered, saying that Eko is talking to him "as if I am your brother," and leaves, Eko chasing after him, yelling and asking him "What are you?!" The monster suddenly appears and snatches up Eko, proceeding to smash him into the trees and finally slamming him into the ground. Eko, bloodied and beaten, is found by Locke and the others, who have rushed out to see whats wrong. Just before he dies, he whispers something into Locke's ear. Locke later reveals to Sayid and the others who are with him that Eko said that they are "next."

Back at the Others camp, Juliet brings Jack his lunch, a cheeseburger. As they are talking Ben walks into the room and asks Juliet to let him speak to Jack in private. Juliet leaves after much hesitation. Ben tells Jack that they had a perfect plan to "break" Jack; that is, to convince Jack that the Others are not his enemies so he would want to perform spinal surgery on Ben. The plan failed, however, when Jack saw the x-rays and realized that he was captured for the whole purpose of operating on Ben. Ben asks Jack if he believes in God, after which he explains that he found out about his tumor two days before the plane crashed.

Later, when Jack is in his cell, Juliet brings Jack a movie, saying it is To Kill a Mockingbird. While the movie is playing, Juliet tells Jack that he should do the surgery to help Ben. It turns out that the movie, which faces away from the camera, is of her holding up large signs. With the signs, she tells Jack to ignore what she says aloud. The signs continue to say that Ben is a liar and very dangerous. Juliet says that Jack should intentionally botch the surgery to kill Ben, and that she will protect him if he does so.

Surreal Moments of The Cost of Living:..with so much of it,, the answer,, is,, Not being Afraid to Die.,, both physically and metaphysically..Try this on for a surreal metaphor,, the opening flashback,, breaking in to get food..and for this fear of death, Eko got labled a " sinner". Eko LOVED Life in all its extremes because the extremes , the polarities, forced him to higher realizations. And for His LOVE,, his inabilty to confess his Life as sinful, the security system, Smokie , the special guardian of this private hell hole Island , killed him off.. a one way ticket off the island,, after realizing his Truth..The final Surreal realization of Eko.,was of him and brother .walking off into the warm glow of Brotherhood. His final vision speaks to Illusionary world we call reality,, where one day you are a saint and the next a devil,, its polarity, its " conflict",, one does need to die from it.. let it go,, and see the warm glo of Love, of Brotherhood. Perhaps abit shmaltzy,, but as visual metaphor of the Surreal.. pretty well done imho.

Flashback: Eko

OMG Moments:
Eko is killed by the black cloud he saw in The 23rd Psalm.
The Others are atempting to kill Ben by using Jack and staging malpractice.
When Yemi says, "you speak to me as if I am your brother."

Where did Yemi's body disappear to and why was it walking around just like Jack's father?

Charlie and Eko turned the plane into a funeral pyre.

Was it truly the smoke monster in human form?

"YOU'RE NEXT" (Locke said this, but Eko's real words were "I saw the devil.")
"We had such a plan to break you Jack."

There's a one-eyed dude in another hatch somewhere, and he knows he's being watched. Who is he?

Mikhail Bakunin, an other.

As I posted in a comment earlier (below) about 22 minutes into the episode, just before Ben asks Jack, "Do you believe in God, Jack?" the 'security system' (or 'old smokie') noise can be heard. Do the others have control over the system or have another one like it? (DrBlue 28 Nov 2006)

New Clues: The revelation of another Dharma station still in operation, run by a man wearing an eyepatch,could this be the Flame Dharma station which was the only other named station on the blast door map done by Kelvin/Inman.
Could the man be Kelvin who was in the The Swan with Desmond?
Could this be the man Henry Gale/Ben refers to as 'him' when being interrogated?
Ben seems to fear the man as he doesn't know what 'he' would do to him, which until now was an apparent ruse to make Ben seem like an unimportant other.
This might explain the glass eye the Tailies found at the Dharma storage shed last season, where Eko finds the Bible.

Questions: Don't you think it seems like a lot of the Others don't seem to get along with each other often and they take their frustrations out on the people they kidnap?

-No, I think that's just acting on the part of the Others.
--Producers have already confirmed that there are at least two factions of "Others." It just remains to be seen who is on the same side as whom.

Do you think that Locke and Desmond and all them will go back in that hatch and try to turn on the rest of the tv's because if they did they might be able to see Sawyer, Kate, and Jack and then go rescue them??????

If the Others have contact with the outside world, why do they need Jack for Ben's operation?
-Contact does not mean commerce. They may not be able to get people to the Island once they're off.

Did Locke lie about what Eko told him?
- Extremely likely. He said "We're Next". But for that to be true, Eko's real words would've been "You're next." How does Locke know he didn't mean Locke personally? In other words, there was no way to tell if Locke was the next target, or Locke, Nikki, Paulo, etc. were the next targets. -L.A.


The Others in general need the survivors for a collective and individual purpose. The survivors are not simply meant for capture, the Others are trying to make them conform -- in Sawyer's case, Ben wants him to admit that he needs someone to survive (i.e. accept that he is a father and/or in love with Kate). The overall theme of Season 3 seems to emphasize survival between the captives, the Others, and (soon-to-be) the remaining survivors. The tumor, for instance, could be any one of the Others or some other captives that we don't know about. But, how did that tumor get there? If so, how do the Others have the medical resources to help it? Another issue involves Desmond, Locke, and Eko, how is it possible that all three could survive the "imploded" explosion? Was anything scattered around them when they awoke? No. All we knew were the positions of Desmond and Locke, which seemed eerily planted? Either way, I am beginning to see the importance of the Others in terms of their involvement with our beloved characters. Something that a show like LOST could only pull off.

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why can't the island's magic heal Ben's tumor the way it healed Rose and Locke's illness? Also, it occurs to me that the others are more like a cult believing that only their society could reach perfection beyond the modern "uncivilized" civilization or the last chosen people to stand on earth should the attempt to save mankind fails.
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And so it goes...they finally got rid of yet another person of color. What happened to the other black characters. The thing I admired about this show was it's diversity. I'm loosing more and more interest in this show as it become yet another typical show about white people like 90 percent of all the other shows out there. Shame on ABC for falling back into that formula
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