3.02 "The Glass Ballerina"

Episode Title: "The Glass Ballerina"

Flashback Characters: Jin and Sun

Episode Number: 3.02 (Overall: #49)

Production Number: 302

Air Date: 10/11/06

3.02 "The Glass Ballerina" - ABC.com - Official LOST wikiSynopsis:
We start out with Sun as a child; she breaks a glass ballerina on a shelf and is scared and tries to hide what happened. When her father comes in and asks how it happened, she lies and says the maid did it. He asks again and she repeats, "the maid did it." She lied. This is the first of the many lies and secrets Sun keeps, which destroy her life, as seen in this episode.

Sayid places Sun and Jin's lives in danger while trying to locate Jack, while Jack gets a tempting offer from his captors. Kate and Sawyer begin their hard labor carrying rocks and chopping them.

Flashbacks: Sun and Jin
Sun and Jae (the same man who teaches Sun english) are having an affair and Jae presents her with a beauitful pearl necklace. Sun cannot accept because she is married. Jae emotes to Sun about how he wants the two of them to run away together to America. After finding Sun and Jae together, Sun's father orders Jin to restore the family's honor by killing Jae (though he does this without actually telling Jin that he found the two lovers together). Jin goes to "deliver the message" to Jae but couldn't bring himself to kill him. He lets him live on the condition that Jae leave the country, never to return. Jin returns to his car at the base of the apartment building and is just about to pull away when Jae lands on his hood after jumping to his death

OMG Moments:
  • Sawyer gives Kate the SMOOCH!
  • The Others know what is happening in the outside world and prove it by showing a snippet of the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series.
  • Sun's father walking in and catching her in bed with Jae, the man who was secretly giving her English lessons.
  • Ben introduced himself to Jack "properly" and said, "I've lived on the island my whole life," but is he lying or not?
  • Sun shooting Colleen.

New Clues:
  • The Others could leave the island if they wanted to.
  • The Others have TVs!
  • Ben and Juliet used to be in a relationship, Colleen came down to tell Ben about Sayid, Jin, Sun, and the boat, and she asked, "Am I interrupting something?". Also, Ben said, "You never made me soup".

New Characters:
  • Colleen (Paula Malcomson of "Deadwood" fame.)

Episode Theories
See sub-page

Questions (help ask and answer questions here):
Q: Who was the girl that talked to Kate while she was in hard labor?
A: The girl was Alex, Rousseau's daughter.

Q: What is the "task" that Ben wants Jack to agree to doing?
A: Operate on his spinal tumor.

Q: Will Ben really release Jack as he states when the task is completed?
A: It seemed like he was going to, but Locke blew up the submarine.

Q: Why are they having Kate and Sawyer doing hard labor and Jack sitting in an enclosed room? Safe to say that they realize Jack is pretty much the leader, and if any type of change or compromise is to come it would start with him?
A: They want Kate and Sawyer to help build the runway, and they need Jack to operate on Ben.

Q:Who killed Sun's lover, Jae?
Definitive Answer: In the 10/30/06 edition of The Official Lost Podcast, Damon and Carlton felt the need to clear up the confusion of Jae's death. They said that it was an "unintentional mystery," that they hadn't intended there to be a question about. Definitvely, and multiple times during the podcast, they stated that Jae Li committed suicide by jumping.

Q: What do the other 3 screens on Bens' surveilance room show? Screens 1 and 3 show the same room but mirrored. Why?
A: The Others kidnapped many survivors, (granted, all from the tail section, and if you don't count Charlie and Claire who escaped.) so it stands to reason that Ben has been conducting his psychological experiments on those people as well.
The opening shot of the Ballerina falling from grace. What followed wasn't so much about lies and deceit, as much about what one is capable of when IN Love and what one is capable of when OUT of Love. Love being a Sphere of Influence, a State of Being. Sun's father wasn't teaching her LOVE, but instead, how to lie. Jin could not pull the trigger, kill somebody, when IN Love with Sun. Jae was able to kill himself when it was clear he could not be in Love with Sun and yes, when Sun came to believe that her Jin was dead, after all the belief was that the only way the Others would get to the boat was through Jin's dead body (an incorrect assumption) but nonetheless, a bereft Sun was able to pull the trigger believing Jin was dead. The "rise up" the surreal realization moment was that after a whole episode of lies deceit, super violence, bodyie bouncing off of cars, etc., Jin still loves Sun. This second episode of season 3 is important because it really starts the exploration of LOVE after the hint of episode one. Its importance becomes striking in how the surreal concept of LOVE is further built upon, the foundation laid here.

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A Tale of Two Cities
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lostobsessed23 Why didn't Jin know Jae already? 0 Aug 29 2007, 5:58 AM EDT by lostobsessed23
Thread started: Aug 29 2007, 5:58 AM EDT  Watch
In Season 2, episode "... and Found", Jin goes to work as a greeter at a big hotel. The same hotel Jae's family owns. In fact, when Jae pulls up to the front, Jin greets him by saying "Hello, Mr. Lee..."
So in "Glass Ballerina" when Sun's father discovers Sun is having an affair with Jae, he tells Jin he has to deliver a message to a mystery man who is stealing from Mr. Paik. Mr. Paik shows a picture of Jae and asks Jin if he knows who Jae is, Jin says no. Why doesn't he know him if he knew him before???
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ilyushin76 Hurley 0 Jul 19 2007, 1:04 AM EDT by ilyushin76
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Why was Hurley checking passenger in at the airport in Lockes vision?Is it significant in any way?
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Lost4Life1121 Smooch 9 Jul 19 2007, 12:59 AM EDT by ilyushin76
Thread started: Oct 12 2006, 5:33 AM EDT  Watch
Kudos to Sawyer to finally take it upon himself to show Kate how he feels, good man. I hope they don't try anything stupid though, because when they though they were alone Ben was listening in... God I can't wait for next week!
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