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The number 23 is the fifth number in the numbers sequence. Below is a list of the appearances of this number in chronological order by episode, and the number 23 in real life.

In Lost:

Season 1:

"Pilot: Part 1"-

"Tabula Rasa"-
  • The award for the capture of Kate was $23,000.


  • The song "You All Everybody" is number 234 on the jukebox.

"Deus Ex Machina"-
  • One of the crates in the drug smuggler's plane had the number 23 on it.

"Exodus: Part 1"-

"Exodus: Part 2"-
  • Hurley's hotel room number was 2342.
  • The temperature in Sydney on September 22, 2004 was 23C.

Season 2:

The Tail Section"Everybody Hates Hugo"-
  • There were 23 survivors in the tail section (which also includes Goodwin).

"The 23rd Psalm"-
  • The number is in the name of the title. The 23rd psalm is also known as the "Shepherd's Psalm", which Mr. Eko and Charlie said.

"One of Them"-
  • Kelvin Inman showed Sayid part of the video reel #23108-42.
  • Sayid was 23 when he was captured in the Gulf War.

  • The real Henry Gale's zip code is 55391, which adds up to 23.

  • 23 people were on the deck which was only supposed to hold 8 people when it collapsed.

"Two for the Road"-
  • One of the police cars has the number 23 on it.

"3 Minutes"-

"Live Together, Die Alone"-
  • The address on Desmond's unsent letters to Penny was 23 Davismore Gardens (Penny's address).

Season 3:

"A Tale of Two Cities"-

"Further Instructions"-
  • Eddie Colburn's ID number was 84023.

"Every Man for Himself"-
  • Munson's $10 million was in unit 23c.

Room 23"Not In Portland"-
  • Karl was kept in room 23.

"One of Us"-

"The Man Behind the Curtain"-
  • Ben was born 23 miles away from Portland.

"Greatest Hits"-
  • The volume on the radio inside the van was at 23 when "You All Everybody" started playing.

Season 4:

"The Economist"-

"The Constant"-

In Real Life:

  • The Average person breaths 23,000 times a day.
  • Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes.
  • "The Number 23" was a movie made in 2007 about the number 23.
  • There are 23 letters in the Latin alphabet.
  • There are 23 official languages in the European Union.

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