2.09 "What Kate Did"

Episode Title: "What Kate Did"

Episode Number: 33

Production Number: 209

Air Date: 11/30/05

Synopsis: As the title2.09 "What Kate Did" - ABC.com - Official LOST wikisuggests, this episode is all about Kate. As he is nursed back to health in the hatch by Jack and Kate, an unconscious Sawyer is near death from the gunshot wound he received on the raft. Michael is still distraught about Walt and determined to find his son and rescue him from the Others. And Jin and Sun are finally reunited with a new appreciation for one another. Kate is haunted by a horse she sees in the jungle. In his delirium, Sawyer declares his love for Kate to Jack. And Jack appears shocked and disturbed to hear it.

Flashback: Kate, Kate, Kate. Sawyer knows she's a bad seed, and we learn how bad in this episode's flashback. The reason Kate is wanted is because she blew up her house with her step-father inside. He was abusing her mother and she couldn't take it anymore and dicided to kill him. She is captured by the U.S. marshal who’s been hunting her relentlessly, only to escape during a car accident caused while trying to avoid hitting a horse on the road (the same one Kate sees in the jungle). Kate's escape from the obviously wounded marshal is a pointed statement about what she is capable of.

OMG moment: Mr. Eko provides a very important missing clip from the Orientation film that he picked up when he was on the other side of the island.

Jack and Kate finally kiss!

Kate admits her feelings for Sawyer.

Questions and clues: What's up with the horse? And what does that film clip mean for the computer and the numbers?

I think that Kate likes the horse because it was the reason she escaped from the Marshall. He swirved and crashed because of the horse. It was pretty much responsible for Kate's escape.

When Kate encounters the horse for a second time whilst with Sawyer, a long shot of it reveals what is presumably an animal trainer's black gloved hand on the right side of the screen.
Really? I never saw it...

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I personally think the omg moment was with kate and jack in the forest.... hehe
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